PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia also known as PT. Pakerin is a leading manufacturer of industrial paper headquartered in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Since starting commercial production in 1980, the company has expanded its installed capacity from 15,000 tons per annum (tpa) to 700,000 tpa in 1998 and continually increased the range of products it manufactures. Pakerin is now widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial paper in Indonesia and is committed to increasing its market share through low cost, high efficiency and advanced manufacturing. Expansion will remain an important part of the company's strategy to keep pace with increasing demand.

Pakerin has a vertically integrated operation with its own plants producing pulps, caustic soda, electricity and steam, and raw water, which are the main ingredients in the paper production process. Pakerin manufactures industrial paper which is used to make boxes and a wide range of packaging material for industrial and consumer goods. Its main products are Kraft liner, corrugating medium, coated duplex board, chip board, and core board.

A major reason for Pakerin's success is the integration of the core manufacturing process with supporting facilities that are essential for the efficient running of a pulp and paper complex.

Pakerin has a strong commitment to conservation and preservation of the environment. Recycling is central to the Company's manufacturing process, with more than 80% of the Company's primary raw materials being waste products and renewable resources.

High skill levels, quality equipment, vertically integrated manufacturing, cost efficiency, creative management, and innovative marketing are the basis of the Company's operation and will secure its future.



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