PT. Pakerin has entered the pulp and paper industry since 1977 in Indonesia. The industry has experienced some ups and downs over time, but we have never wavered in our commitment and dedication to all of our stakeholders and customers in many different industries. Looking forward, we are truly excited at the opportunities and possibilities that await us to serve our customers in a growing Indonesian market.

We have managed the Company alongside the brightest people from Indonesia and expatriates from all over the world that contributes to the success of our company. As the management, we are proud of what we have achieved but we also know that this achievement is not an excuse for us to become complacent. Continuous improvement is part of commitment to continue delivering the best product and services to our customers.

As the manufacture of pulp, paper, paper products, and chemical, PT. Pakerin is definitely the best supplier you can always rely on to deliver high quality products and support your business operation.

Top Management:


David S. Kurniawan
President Director


Hendrata Atmoko