Pakerin has a vertically integrated operation with its own plants producing pulp, caustic soda, electricity and water, which are the main ingredients in the paper production process.

Pulp is the main raw material used in paper making and Pakerin is one few industrial paper producers in Indonesia with pulp production facilities solely for its own requirements. Company's pulp requirements are produced from bagasse, waste paper, and scrap wood. These pulp requirements are obtained from local and overseas sources.

The Company manufactures pulp in the two semi-chemical pulping plants using scrap wood or bagasse as raw materials. Recycled pulp generated by the plant is pumped directly to Stock Preparation where it is refined and blended with the waste papers. Market pulp is added as the top layer for kraft liner and duplex board. Chemical additives are required for fibre strength, to control water absorption and pH, and produce smooth, durable sheets, which are the quality sought by customers.

Treated pulp is then pumped to the Paper Machines where it is formed into a web or sheet. Water is removed by draining, pressing, and ironing in one integrated drying operation. The sheet is sized with starch for better physical properties, coated with pigments for specific products, and finally slit and rewound, or cut to customer sizes. Pakerin produces industrial paper in a wide range of specifications to meet client requirements.

For many years, Pakerin has acquired the most technically advanced equipment from Europe, North America, and Japan. Machinery and control systems by Voith, Black Clawson, Overmeccanica, ABB, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and other leading manufacturers help the Company efficiently produce quality products.