A Demanding and Rewarding Company

We provide many opportunities and put a lot of emphasis on supporting your development. As a company growing from family business, we expect you to feel like home, part of the family, and to act, make decisions, and contribute to the company according to our vision and mission.

Growing with the Company

Once you join Pakerin, there are many ways to grow even further. You will find benefit in your own competence. At Pakerin, we believe that your satisfaction comes from developing and using your competence to grow the company; propose and make positive changes; and perform above the management expectations. You are also expected to share your knowledge with colleagues, supervisors, and managements and to find the best solution in every situation. Knowledge sharing will create synergy and rapid learning for employees and the company.

Life Balance

Pakerin wants you to work hard and do your best at your job but we also valued your life outside the Company. We believe that your satisfied and happy life outside your job is an important fuel needed at work. We are convinced the best results are achieved when we create a balance between work and life.