It begins with the courage to seize undiscovered opportunities


It begins with the courage to seize undiscovered opportunities

In 1970s, many sugar mills in Indonesia faced waste disposal problems. Only a small portion of their wastes (i.e. bagasse) can be used as fuels. As the result, sugar mills had to spend a significant amount of money for disposal purposes. Similarly, factories producing corrugated cardboard boxes and printed paper experienced difficulty in disposing their wastes, rejects, and paper trims.

Mr. Soegiharto, the founder of PT. Pakerin, saw the opportunity to use the waste as a raw material to manufacture pulp and paper. This idea is also supported by the fact that most industrial papers had to be imported from overseas. Responding to these market opportunities, PT. Pakerin was established in 1977 in Bangun Village, 38 km Southwest of Surabaya, the second largest city of Indonesia and the capital city of East Java.

Pakerin started with one bagasse pulping plant, one waste water treatment plant, and one paper machine producing Duplex Board. Through series of well-planned expansions, cost control, and good management, the Company grows to be one of the leading companies in Indonesia producing industrial paper. Currently, the Company owns integrated mills, operates series of modern and efficient machines, and run by many experienced experts.

Soegiharto N

The success of Pakerin over the past years reflects the contribution of our people and the great opportunities that exist in Indonesia. We are proud to be part of the fastest growing and most dynamic countries in the world today.


Soegiharto Njoo

Founder of PT. PAKERIN


PT. PAKERIN was established and the beginning of the first paper machine construction

Started commercial operation in PM 1, producing Duplex Board

Expanded capacity through the construction of PM 2

Installed PM 3 and introduced Kraft Liner and Test Liner

Expanded production capacity through the installation of PM 5, continuous digester, and other supporting facilities, including chemical plant and cogeneration power plant

Installed PM 6 and PM 7, producing Corrugating Medium as well as the second Cogeneration Power Plant

Installation of the second chemical plant

Achieved Halal Certificate for paper and chemical products

Transformation into professional management by appointing non-family professional executives and senior managers to lead various departments. Acquisition of FSC and SVLK certifications

Obtained ISO 9001:2015 and SMK3 certification