Corporate Social Responsibility

In Pakerin, we ensure that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program aligns with government’s development program, which includes economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, human rights, and community development. The main target of our CSR program is those who live surrounding the factory. Through community involvement, we have been able to improve the welfare of nearby villagers and waste paper collectors by creating a new source of income while maintaining environmental sustainability. Our CSR activities include:

CSR Supply Listrik ke Desa_110823

Electricity Provision in Surrounding Villages

Since 1993, PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by providing electricity to nearby villages. This initiative aims to install quality lighting at 410 locations, including roads ...

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CSR Supply Air Bersih ke Desa_110823

Supplying Clean Water in Surrounding Villages

PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) reaffirms its commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by contributing to the supply of clean water to villages surrounding the factory...

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CSR Idul Adha Qurban

Procurement of Sacrificial Livestock for the Local Community

PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) demonstrates its commitment to carrying out corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs by participating in the annual celebration of Eid al-Adha...

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Planting trees within the factory premises as a demonstration of its dedication to fostering ecological sustainability

PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) continues to demonstrate its ongoing environmental commitment by actively planting trees within the Waste Water Treatment (WWT) area located in the...

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