To manage the procurement processes effectively, Pakerin has developed the enterprise-wide procurement systems. It allows the related departments – from the product users, warehouses, to the purchasing department – to have a full visibility into the stock level, procurement status, and expenditures. Therefore, Pakerin is able to increase its factory operation performance and efficiency, reduce procurement lead time, and foster accurate and better inventory management.

Pakerin maintains mutual trust, good relations and cooperation with our vendors as our partners in projects supply, raw materials, and spare parts to achieve mutual benefit between both parties. A lot of vendors have participated as our long-term business partner to enhance the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement process. Pakerin welcomes new vendors to join us as valued business partners, to advance and increase the global trust together in a solid relationship.

In the future, Pakerin will develop e-procurement systems with our business partners to increase our procurement efficiency, better control over the stock level, and reduce the administrative costs with our suppliers. Suppliers will benefit from more accurate supply forecast, clearer product specifications, repeat orders, and timely procurement process.

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