Pakerin has capitalized on Indonesia's competitive advantages in developing domestic and export markets, both of which offer exceptional opportunities for growth. Indonesia will be a growth market for the foreseeable future.

The Indonesian economy is emerging as one of the most vibrant in the world and packaging is an integral part of the industrial growth. Therefore, the medium and long-term future for industrial paper, especially container board and box board, is very promising.

In 2010, Indonesia was ranked ninth in the world for the pulp and paper production. Indonesia has exported 50% of its pulp production and 40% of its paper production with export value of USD 8 billion.

Since 1985, in the interests of building a stronger customer base and achieving market flexibility and security, Pakerin has developed direct export markets, mainly in Asia. There are abundant natural resources and strong Government support for investment in pulp and paper in Indonesia. This will enable the industry to continue to grow as a major regional supplier of pulp and paper.

Export demand will continue to be based on high quality, prompt delivery, reliable shipping, and price advantage achieved through vertically integrated, low-cost production. Pakerin is well position to increase its export sales as economic growth fuels the demand for industrial paper throughout Asia. The company will continue to seek balance between domestic and export sales in its marketing mix.