We manufacture environment-friendly paper-based packaging solutions

PT. Pakerin is Indonesian leading manufacturer of industrial paper strategically located in East Java - one of Indonesia's most populous prov- inces with extensive natural resources, well-developed infrastructure, substantial labor pool, and rapid economic growth rate.

Established in 1977 and starting commercial production in 1980, we have expanded our installed capacity from 15,000 tons per annum to design capacity of 700,000 tons per annum, and continually increases our product range. In addition to industrial papers, we also produce inorganic chemical compounds, such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, and many more.

At Pakerin, we use post-consumer recycled materials to fulfill more than 80% of our fiber requirements and pioneered the use of bagasse, the stalk waste from sugar cane, as the source of pulp. The Company's production process is vertically integrated and incorporates highly-effi- cient power, chemical, and water treatment plants.

The world is constantly changing. And we continuously work to deliver the most reliable, safer, and sustainable products to create values for our stakeholders.

David SK

The paper industry has experienced many ups and downs, but we have never wavered in our commitment and dedication to all of our stakeholders and customers in many different industries. Looking forward, we are truly excited at the opportunities and possibilities that await us to serve our customers in a growing Indonesian market.
We have worked with the brightest people from all over the world that contributes to the success of our company. As the management, we are proud of what we have achieved but we also know that this achievement is not an excuse for us to become complacent. Continuous improvement is part of commitment to continue delivering the best product and services to our customers.


David S. Kurniawan

CEO of PT. Pakerin


Our vision is to be the leading company with the best competitiveness, endurance, and harmony in all aspects. Followed by our mission as follows:


Widen the market trust by professionally gaining
competitiveness in
product quality, service, and efficiency


Incorporate endurance in all circumstances to thrive and achieve continuous growth


Nourish sustainable harmony with nature