Product Category


Product Type

Inorganic Chemical

Product Application

Bleaching, Disinfectants, Pulp & Paper, Textile


Sodium hypochlorite is also known by the name sodium hypochlorite or liquid bleach. Sodium hypochlorite solution is commonly recognized as a bleach or Clorox, often used as a disinfectant or whitening agent.
Sodium hypochlorite is widely used in bleaching processes, for instance in the paper industry for oxidation processes. It is also used in swimming pool maintenance to oxidize pollutants during water treatment processes and as a disinfectant.
Sodium hypochlorite is also used in the conditioning of cooling water in various industries to prevent the growth of algae, such as in pipes, heat exchanger units, and cooling towers.
Furthermore, sodium hypochlorite is utilized in various household cleaning and disinfectant products. Other applications include industrial cleaning (in the food and beverage industry, restaurants, and catering) and laundry (commonly used in hospitals and factories). In textile industries, sodium hypochlorite is often used as a bleaching agent in the bleaching process.