PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) is Committed to Supplying Clean Water in Surrounding Villages

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PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) reaffirms its commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by contributing to the supply of clean water to villages surrounding the factory. This initiative aims to ensure adequate access to clean water for local residents, enabling them to fulfill bathing, washing, and other essential needs. Every day, a minimum of 2150 m3 of clean water is delivered through pipelines, directly benefiting the local community.

In the light of paramount environmental sustainability concerns, PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) has fostered collaboration with the local government and adjoining communities to realize this commendable clean water supply initiative. The project, in essence, represents a tangible stride towards elevating the standard of living and well-being of the villages contiguous to the manufacturing facility.

David Kurniawan, CEO of PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia, stated, “We understand the vital importance of clean water for people’s lives and health. This clean water provision initiative is part of our commitment to make a positive contribution to the surrounding community and fulfill our social responsibilities as a company operating in this region.”

The clean water supply project involves an advanced and secure distribution system, ensuring that every household and public facility in the surrounding villages can easily and conveniently access clean water. With a stable and sufficient supply of clean water, it is anticipated that the local community can improve their daily quality of life and adopt better hygiene practices.

Beyond directly benefiting the village residents, this project also contributes to environmental preservation. PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) has ensured that the clean water supply system operates efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, maintaining the local ecosystem’s balance.

The clean water supply project is one among several CSR initiatives undertaken by PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN). Other CSR programs include education development, job training, afforestation, and support for community economic empowerment. In each CSR program conducted, PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) consistently strives to actively engage and maintain transparency with the local community. This collaboration is essential to ensure the sustainability and positive impact of every undertaken activity.

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