PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) is dedicated to actively planting trees within the factory premises as a demonstration of its dedication to fostering ecological sustainability

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PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) continues to demonstrate its ongoing environmental commitment by actively planting trees within the Waste Water Treatment (WWT) area located in the Bangun Village. This afforestation program is part of the company’s efforts to support environmental preservation and has previously successfully planted 10,000 trees at the PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) site. Currently, there are 12,000 grown trees within the company’s premises, with the planting of 674 new trees since the beginning of this year.

David Kurniawan, the CEO of PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN), stated, “We take great pride in contributing to environmental sustainability and enhancing sustainable living around our factory. This afforestation program is one of PT. PAKERIN’s concrete steps in making a positive impact on the environment and the local community.”

Reforestation is conducted accurately and with careful planning, encompassing various fruit and non-fruit tree species to support biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. Some of the fruit trees that have been planted include Custard Apple, Jackfruit, Breadnut, Guava, Salak, Avocado, Banana, Mango, and Orange trees. Meanwhile, non-fruit trees comprise Narra, Rain Tree, Flamboyant, Golden Trumpet, and clusters of Bamboo trees, as well as medicinal plants. The WWT area is also adorned with a Mahogany Forest, consisting of 187 trees, creating a green, refreshing, and environmentally friendly environment around the factory.

These tree plantings serve not only to provide a lusher environment but also play a crucial role in carbon dioxide absorption and air quality improvement. Additionally, the fruit-bearing trees will offer economic benefits to the local community through potential harvests that can enhance their well-being. PT Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN) also encourages its employees and the local community to engage in this afforestation program through collaborative tree planting activities and environmental education. This active involvement aims to foster collective awareness of the importance of environmental preservation and participation in safeguarding Earth’s sustainability for future generations.

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