Continuous Strides: PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia Achieves FSC COC Certification


PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (PAKERIN), a company engaged in the production of high-quality paper in Indonesia, has achieved an outstanding milestone by obtaining Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody (FSC CoC) certification in 2021. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable practices within the forestry and paper industry.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is an internationally recognized standard for measuring and promoting sustainable forest management and social responsibility in the timber supply chain and wood-based products. The attainment of the FSC CoC certification is evidence that PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia has adhered to stringent standards in conducting its operations.

In response to this achievement, David S. Kurniawan, CEO of PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia, stated, “We are extremely proud of this achievement. The FSC CoC certification is evidence of our commitment to forest preservation and the environment. We continuously strive to minimize the negative impacts of our operations on the natural environment, and this certification is a crucial step in our journey towards sustainability.”

The FSC CoC certification ensures that every step in the timber supply chain and wood-based products is meticulously monitored to ensure that the wood used originates from well-managed forests. This includes oversight of planting, harvesting, transportation, processing, and distribution of wood. Consequently, consumers can be assured that the paper products from PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia are produced in compliance with strict sustainability standards.

Moreover, the FSC CoC certification emphasizes the company’s social commitment to local communities and forest workers. PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia is expected to actively support the lives of local communities and forest workers while respecting their rights.

Furthermore, this certification provides the company with greater access to international markets that are concerned about natural resources and sustainability. Paper products labeled with FSC certification are often preferred by global consumers who seek to contribute to the preservation of the world’s forests.

The FSC CoC certification not only benefits PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia in terms of reputation and market access but also plays a significant role in preserving Indonesia’s valuable environmental and forest ecosystems. These forests are invaluable natural resources for the country and the world.

By obtaining the FSC CoC certification in 2021, it not only brings positive impacts to the company but also to the preservation of forests and the environment in Indonesia. Hopefully, this step sets an example for other companies to invest more in sustainable practices for a better future.

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