Transformation Of Leadership: PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia Moves To Professional Management


PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia, a key player in Indonesia’s paper industry, announced a significant change in their leadership structure at the beginning of 2021. The company, previously managed by a family management structure, has transitioned to a professionally managed setup.

In this substantial change, David S. Kurniawan assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hendrata Atmoko as Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Suryomurti was appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

This move signifies PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia’s commitment to operating their business more efficiently and competitively in an increasingly complex and global business landscape.

Since its establishment over three decades ago, PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia has grown to become one of the leading paper manufacturers in Indonesia. For years, the company has been successfully managed by the founding family. However, with rapid business developments, company leaders needed to take strategic steps to meet the demands of an ever-changing business world and maintain their position as a producer of high-quality paper in Indonesia.

David S. Kurniawan, a member of the founding family and now CEO, explained the rationale behind this change, “We want to ensure that PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia remains a key player in the paper industry and contributes positively to Indonesia’s economy. To achieve this goal, we decided to bring in experienced professional leaders to steer the company as a market leader.”

This transition did not occur abruptly. PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia ensured that these professional leaders possessed values, abilities, and a direction aligned with the company’s vision and mission. They believe that professional management will aid PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia in further growth and navigating increasingly fierce competition.

The shift to professional management is a crucial step in PT. Pabrik Kertas Indonesia’s journey to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly complex industry. With new experienced leadership and a strong vision, the company will continue striving to deliver high-quality products and achieve greater success in the future.

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